Wasps Nest

Queen Wasps emerge around spring time and set to work on a new nesting site. This usually speeds up as the weeks move along along with the warmer summer days. In the height of summer approx 200-300 eggs are produced daily with between 400-600 workers helping to nurture grubs and construct the nest. The wasps build their nest using chewed wood and saliva to make a paper mache style structure.

Wasp Nest Removal Services

If you have noticed that Wasps have taken up unwanted residency at your property get in touch with a member of our team. We use the most advanced equipment available to reach those high up nesting sites, In most cases we are able to offer a same day or 24 hour response to eradicate your Wasps nest.

Wasp Nest FAQ

Can wasps build a nest in a hole in the brickwork of house ?

Wasps often use holes in brickwork to gain ingress to the wall cavity. Wasps build their nests in any shape that they require to fill the available space. They also commonly gain ingress into loft spaces via roof tiles or gaps between fascia boards. If you see high numbers of wasps entering a hole on your property its likely you have an active wasp’s nest.

Should I block the entrance to a wasp nest ?

You should never try to block remove a nest yourself. Blocking an entrance/exit to a wasps nest causes the wasps to become agitated and try to find alternative ways out, which can do more damage as they try to chew through the walls of the house. An increase in aggression from wasps will likely provoke wasps to sting.

What time of year do wasps go away ?

As wasps and are not designed to endure cold temperatures they will naturally die around late Autumn or early winter. In recent years however we have carried out partially active wasps nest treatments in early December due to milder winters. The only Wasps that survive are the mated queens who will look to hibernate the winter until spring arrives; this is often under insulation in you loft. With the arrival of spring, they will then begin constructing a new nest.

This is why we always recommend carrying out treatment for wasps nests within the home as there’s a likelihood that activity will return the following year often in a slightly different area within the same building.

How do I know if I’ve got a wasps nest ?

Looking at your property externally can you see wasps entering holes and or roof tiles? Are you finding wasps in a particular room of your house on a regular basis?