The German cockroach occur in a wide range of buildings, we commonly encounter this species within restaurants, food processing facilities, hotels and within the domestic setting. German Cockroaches thrive and survive indoors feeding on food debris and requiring a water source to survive.

Cockroach Pest Control in Bolton

They are rapid breeders particularly in warm environments therefore the speed of diagnosis and treatment is key in controlling this pest.

females carry ootheca (egg casings) of approx. 18-50 eggs.


Q – I think I have found a cockroach in my house, what shall I do.

A – An easy way to distinguish a cockroach from say a beetle is to assess the length of the antennae from the head of the insect. Cockroaches have long antennae beginning from the head and arcing back along the full length of the body. Beetles have much smaller antennae from the head.

If you feel you have an issue with cockroaches please don’t hesitate to give us a call as the speed of diagnosis and treatment is key when dealing with this prolific breeder